Spanish crash course. It’s quick, fun and useful!

Why not come to the north of Spain for an extended holiday or even to live or study? Or maybe you’ve lived here for years and are still having trouble with the language? If you don’t speak Spanish, Spain can be rough. You’ll have to deal with a culture and mentality which may appear, a bit “foreign” at times. It can be frustrating when you can’t communicate in simple, everyday situations like ordering a coffee or asking directions. We do know how you feel.

If you’re going to be in the Bilbao area, we can help you learn the ropes of the Spanish language fast.

Crash-course spanish is designed to teach you the essentials you’ll need to get by on your own. We walk you through real life situations. Come to Velvet School, speak Spanish with us, we’ll take you to all the places you’ll need to go : the supermarket, the butcher, the post office and – most importantly – the bar to order “pintxo” and a “zurito” We’ll get you talking immediately, explain how things work around here and give you insider tips about the language. Remember you can travel to so many countries and use Spanish to communicate!!

To get the most from your Spanish experience, take a crash-course at Velvet School.

Spanish Intensive 20 one to one lessons

Spanish Intensive 20 one to one lessons per week to get personal coaching.

Spanish Super Intensive

30 A 30-lesson per week Spanish course specially recommended for short period stays. Optimised time and results with 5 morning and 2 afternoon lessons.

Special Courses

Spanish and Flamenco. An amazing experience that will allow you to learn Spanish while experiencing Spanish culture through its most fascinating cultural elements: Flamenco music and dance. It is a course in which you will receive theoretical and practical instruction in a professional Flamenco Studio.

Spanish and Surf. Some of the many beaches of Basque country offer excellent conditions for surfers. In Bilbao, students are offered the chance to combine Spanish classes and surfing lessons. Students will receive 20 general Spanish intensive classes per week plus two surfing lessons of 90 mins per week.

Spanish at the teacher’s home. Immersion from dawn to dusk 20 private Spanish lessons per week.A highly adaptable course providing private tuition while living with the Spanish teachers. Full immersion programme from 1 or more weeks duration with full board accommodation at the teacher’s home and pick up and drop off at the airport. Available all year round.

Spanish for Erasmus. Extensive course 2 lessons of 90 minutes per week An ideal option for international Erasmus students who will be living in Spain for an extended period of time and need to improve their Spanish .

Accommodation. Your crash course includes comfortable accommodation that offers exceptional value for money. You can choose to  stay with a Spanish host if you want to continue the immersion experience or you can stay at a hotel near Velvet School.

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